Sunday, July 21, 2024

Welcome to Food For Mzansi’s virtual room. This is where you’ll find great information on becoming a journalist, citizen journalist or public relations officer. First, let’s delve into the difference between these three career options.

Citizen journalism is when members of the public play an independent role in collecting, reporting and distributing current and breaking news events. New media, such as blogs and social networks, have given everyday citizens the ability to transmit information globally – a power which was once only reserved for media corporations.

Public relations professionals (also known as PR officials) target specific audiences in order to relay a message and build support for a brand, product or idea. A PR’s goal is therefore to protect the reputation of a certain organisation, enhance its image in the public, maintain a favourable image and communicate with the organization’s stakeholders.

Professional journalism supplies news content, and keep people inform about issues and newsworthy events. They also provide valuable information for people to make good decisions, create an informed public and check the power of the government and provide an open flow of communication.

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