Cotton South Africa provides an industry forum for the whole cotton value chain, information, advise government and promote the development of cotton farmers all over the country.

We run various programmes to constantly promote and develop the cotton industry in South Africa, such as the Smallholder Farmers Skills Development Programme, designed specifically to support smallholder cotton farmers and the Cotton Certification Scheme regulating the use of the Cotton Trade Mark. We also manage the Sustainable Cotton Cluster, focused on driving a more sustainable cotton supply chain.

Learners, if you see this sign you can rest assured that your clothes are made of cotton. The Cotton Mark is a registered trademark launched by South African cotton producers in 1985 as a quality mark for cotton merchandise.

Since then the Cotton Mark has been granted to many of the important players in the cotton supply chain. The mark has become a true standard against which all cotton produce is measured. When funds allow, Cotton SA executes marketing, promotional and educational campaigns in print and electronic trade and consumer media, point-of-sale campaigns and competitions. In the past we have also awarded players in the cotton industry for excellence in the coveted annual Cotton SA awards.