Welcome to Agri Western Cape, the official mouthpiece of commercial #agri producers in the Western Cape. We support our producers as leaders in #GrowingGreatness, and aim to create a viable and enabling environment where our farmers can grow a sustainable food supply chain, creating a greener, stronger and healthier economy and making better living standards possible for all. Working hand in hand with #farmers, businesses in the value chain, policy makers and the public, Agri Western Cape aims to involve all shareholders in our most important task: to shape a progressive and sustainable future for #agriculture.

Why would you not want to be part of the most important sector in the country’s economy? Do you want to be a primary producer, digging deep each day to supply our rainbow nation with food? Do you want to apply your skills, knowledge, insight and expertise to create an environment where #agriculture is life source of our country can grow and adapt to the needs of an ever-changing environment? Join the #agri sector, and join our drive to #GrowGreatness! You can play an important part in preserving and growing the phenomenal #agricultural sector of the Western Cape!