Are you considering making a career in farming or agriculture in general? Did you not get accepted to university or college? Or, have you already started your agri-career, but you need a qualification that can lift you out of the crowd and jump-start your future?

A National Certificate in General Agriculture from AGRICOLLEGES International (ACI) could be just what you need to start building your future. The one-year NQF level four course allows you to study via easy-to-use e-learning from the comfort of your own home. ACI is a world-class, cloud-based, e-learning platform in the Agri-sciences.

Wynand Espach, chief operating officer of AGRICOLLEGES international.

Wynand Espach, chief operating officer of AGRICOLLEGES international.

Pursuing this AgriSETA-accredited, matric-level qualification only requires a minimum grade 10 qualification. (A passion for agriculture and for helping build Mzansi’s future is not required, but it would certainly help!)

“Our message, especially for school-leavers whose results were disappointing, is not to waste a year of their lives, taking a gap year while deciding what to do. Your school results don’t need to stop your progress in life. Rather take the time to get a qualification that can start you on a career in agriculture,” says Wynand Espach, chief operating officer of AGRICOLLEGES international.


The 1-year National Certificate in General Agriculture is equivalent to a National Senior Certificate, so it is a great substitute for a conventional matric – one that equips a school-leaver with the tools to begin a career in the diverse agricultural sector.

Many school-leavers take a gap year because of a lack of finance or being rejected at a university or TVET college. Typically, these students (if they’re lucky) end up doing menial jobs, which offer no real experience, and which side-tracks them from pursuing their dreams.

The 1-year National Certificate in General Agriculture gives school-leavers the opportunity to get a general introductory agriculture qualification at a quarter of the cost in comparison with traditional institutions. AGRICOLLEGES international also has convenient funding options available.

With AGRICOLLEGES international you'll gain valuable experience that you can actually put to use, including servicing a diesel engine.

With AGRICOLLEGES international you’ll gain valuable experience that you can actually put to use, including servicing a diesel engine.

Kick-start your agri career

The ACI 1-year National Certificate in General Agriculture is the perfect solution for people in junior positions in agriculture who are driven to succeed, but lack formal education in the field. What better way is there of making your employer notice your potential than displaying the grit and determination it takes to study after hours?

If it is a career change that you are interested in and agriculture is at the top of your list, then you’ll definitely benefit from this course. You’ll be able to obtain your qualification while working full-time and earning a salary.

During the course, students will work through six modules that cover agri-business, good farming practices, numeracy, crop production, animal husbandry and communication. A two-week practical learning experience is also included and provides students with practical knowledge and skills.

Students are organized into groups and are assigned a course consultant who oversees their progress. To allow for a deeper and more meaningful learning experience, students are encouraged to also communicate with each other and share their course experiences.

In-depth agricultural training

AGRICOLLEGES international is an AgriSETA accredited e-learning institution that provides students with the rare opportunity to obtain an agricultural qualification from anywhere at any time.

AGRICOLLEGES offers courses that are designed with different learning needs in mind and equips students with in-depth skills and experience that are widely recognised across the agricultural sector.

It aims to revolutionise the teaching and training of the agri-sciences by providing access to information in a blended learning environment. This combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods and experiential learning through practical sessions. Students have an element of control over time, place and pace in the online learning environment.

E-learning technology has made top-class education much more accessible, eliminating the costs of travel and campus accommodation as well as the disruption that traditional full-time study requires.

Student Kamohelo Mokoena describes the e-learning software that AGRICOLLEGES international uses as “world class”. “I’m of the idea that even people from the most technologically advanced countries would appreciate the Agricolleges learning tool. From registration to how the course is structured and the assessments, the offering is so flawlessly and productively competent.”