The C.A.S.E Development Project puts in everything to uplift rural communities through various programmes. This includes its agricultural training programme consisting of 10 days’ theory for participants, 15 days of practical experience and a five-day assessment. Once the course has been completed, students receive a NQF Level 2 certificate in agricultural sciences. C.A.S.E. also teaches students how to cultivate crops and start their own food gardens. Our goal is to create passionate subsistence farmers.

Furthermore, C.A.S.E also offers a leadership development programme. This teaches participants the essential skills and techniques they need in order to look at challenges from a different perspective. The following elements are covered during the course: team building skills, communication skills, management skills, self-presentation, problem-solving and dispute resolution and negotiation skills. This course helps students to gain clarity when faced with difficult situations, and also facilitates self-confidence.

Also, the technical skills course empowers participants with a know-how of bush and grass cutting, chainsaw operation, health and safety and firefighting. To train as a brush cutter operator takes 10 days. You’ will learn various safety precautions and practices, use various brush cutter attachments to suit different requirements, operate a brush cutter in various locations, conduct preventative maintenance on a brush cutter and refuel instructions.